Custom Wood Carving

About the Artist:

Adiante Franszoon was born the son of a Saramaka tribal chief in the rain forest of Suriname in tropical South America. His people are the descendants of rebel African slaves and are renowned woodcarvers. He learned to carve as a young boy growing up in the village of Dangogo. Adiante first came to the United States in 1968 to get an American education. He now resides in Baltimore, where he carries forward the traditional Maroon carving of his ancestors.

Artist's Statement:

My goal is to incorporate the Saramaka style of woodcarving into the contemporary style of Western furniture making. I want to make unique objects that my clients will consider heirlooms to hand down to their children. When they speak of my work, they can tell how each object was crafted because when I am commissioned to create a piece, I collaborate closely with the client in the decision-making process. We work together to design the object, select the wood, and consider the object's form and function. Only the finest woods, such as walnut, teak, mahogany, and tropical cedar are used, because of their strength and beauty. Each object becomes unique to the desires of the individual.

Work exhibited at:

Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution
Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC
Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore
Fondo del Sol Museum, Washington DC
Maya Gallery, Washington DC

Prizes and Awards:

Cherry Blossom Festival, Fine Craft Award
Alcoa Foundation Scholarship
Rotary Educational Fellowship

Best Selling Objects:

Also Available:

Decorative wall hangings
Headboards (for a bed)
Carved doors
Room dividers
Chairs and stools
. . . other suggestions welcome

Here is some specific pricing on the items I offer.
Click on the underlined text to view a photo of the item:

#1. Coffee table. Mahogany. Top = 21 x 37 inches. Price = $595
#2. End table with drawer. Mahogany. Top = 18 inches square. Price = $350
#3. CD cabinet. Mahogany. H = 43 inches, W = 21 inches. Price = $359
#4. Full-length mirror. Mahogany. H = 62 inches, W = 16 inches. Price = $375
#5. End table. Tropical cedar. H = 17 inches, Diameter = 18 inches. Price= $250
#6. Wall-hanging. Tropical cedar. Diameter = 18 inches. Price = $150
#7. Coffee table with inlaid tile. Mahogany. Top = 21 x 37 inches. Price = $795
#8. End table with tile and drawer. Mahogany. Top = 18 inches square. Price = $495
#9. Frame (for mirror or painting). Mahogany. 22 inches x 36 inches. Price = $375
#10. Wall mirrors. Mahogany. 13 inches x 20 inches. Price = $ 69. If personalized with names, add $2 per letter.
#11. Hand-held mirror "Africa." Mahogany. 10 inches x 16 inches. Price = $39
#12. Hand-held mirrors. Mahogany. 7 inches x 14 inches. Price = $29
#13. Wooden bracelets. Mahogany. Price = $20.
#14. Wooden earrings. Tropical cedar. Price = $15.

Become part of the artistic process. Send me your ideas and we can work together to produce an object that reflects your own needs, taste, and sensibilities. Items can be personalized with a name carved in. I don't use e-mail or a computer, but I would be happy to speak with you by phone to get the project started.

I normally ship through UPS; charges depend on size and weight.

Here's how to get in touch with me:

Adiante Franszoon:
2624 Saint Paul St.
Baltimore MD 21218

For books that illustrate the arts and lifeways of my Maroon ancestors, Click Here